A New Twist on Resolutions – Ones for the Dinner Table

FOOD_FOR_THOUGHT_DAPC_2016We here at the DAPC really believe that family meals can make a difference in your relationship with your children.  It is that time in the day where everything comes to a halt  for a bit and you are able to sit down together.  Take this opportunity to connect with your child. And by that I mean, you start a conversation not an inquisition. Talk about your day or something interesting that you saw or read about. More often than not, your child will join in. Don’t worry about the topic just talk, things have a way of coming around to the issues at hand.  Communication is the key to a healthy relationship.

So why not make some New Year’s resolutions that revolve around meal time. It will help you stay connected with your kids. Click here to see some great ideas.