Reefer Sanity – A must See Presentation

12063463_1511881349122773_2603831397949579513_n“For backers of pot legalization, Kevin Sabet is dangerous, because he can’t be easily dismissed as a reefer-madness-style propagandist. The marijuana reform community should play close attention to his arguments, and the prohibitionists, if they have any plans to reverse the tide, should do the same.”

–Ryan Grim, Washington bureau Chief, Huffington Post and author ofThis is Your Country on Drugs



“A most compelling look into the complex issue of marijuana. Sabet explores this challenging landscape and arrives at more comprehensive, effective solutions than either simply legalization or incarceration could provide to deal with marijuana use in the US.”

–Dr. Drew Pinksy, Host, HLN, “Dr. Drew on Call,” Board Certified MD