Summer’s Officially Over… Stressed Yet?

With school back in full swing, many parents may notice their child’s stress levels rapidly rising. Within weeks, students’ schedules quickly fill up with homework, test prep, and after school activities including sports, clubs, volunteer work, and part-time jobs. It is imperative for kids and teens to learn healthy ways to manage stress to prevent them from turning to negative coping strategies such as drugs and alcohol, skipping school, fighting, bullying, and other risky behaviors. The American Academy of Pediatrics has information and resources readily available to assist with teaching your children about stress and healthy coping skills.

Click here for information for adults to increase their understanding of childhood stress.

Click here for a helpful resource for teens, including a detailed explanation of stress, its many causes and effects, and the difference between positive and negative coping skills. There is also a guide to help adolescents through the process of creating their own personal stress plan.

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